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German-Chinese Promenade Part 3: Clueso

Clueso has done a very good job on my birthday! It was a beautiful and relaxing concert. Also the chinese people have warmly welcomed him and applauded franticly.


Thanks to the partly shown lyrics on the big screen, the chinese people sometimes even sang along! Now the german chinese promenade is over and no concerts like that anymore. But maybe somebody will make an english-chinese, or australian-chinese promenade or whatever in the future? 😉

German-Chinese Promenade Part 2: Subway to Sally

Subway to Sally was great!

I was amazed how much the crowd was electrified by their music even though they didnt understand one word of the lyrics. And for me it was a special honor being able to witness this concert in a most unusal environment for the band. I recorded some parts of the concert for you:

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Subway to Sally Managements

Tonight Clueso is playing! And he’d better perform well because its my birthday! 😉

Chinese lunch roulette part 3

Today I wanted to take ordering food to a next level and read the menu! I looked at the dishes which contain animals (I know the characters already!) and ordered something with chicken that seemed to be delicious. By using sign language I understood, that my dish contains chickenbreast. Well it didnt. It contained giblets (for those who dont know: giblets are the inner parts of a body: heart, liver, kidney etc.):

IMGP6922But this dish turned out to be one of the most delicious dishes I ever had here in Wuhan!

German-Chinese promenade in Wuhan part 1

These days the German-Chinese Promenade takes place at the Yangtze here in Wuhan. You can inform there about german culture, famous companies, food and also music.

On the 25th, the Band ‚Klee‘ played there:

IMGP6915Many of you might know this band by the song ‚zwei Herzen‘. They gave a remarkable live show. The singer knew how to get the crowd on her side by speaking a few words in chinese and even singing a chinese song! A great night!

Tonight ‚Subway to Sally‘ is playing and tomorrow Clueso comes! Really looking forward to that!

A night in Wuhan

Ervil and I went to a shopping mall for furniture last saturday. It was unbelievable: from outside it looks inconspicuous, but in fact it is a 6 story ultralarge Supermall. And the prices are greatly seductive (at least for german circumstances)!

Afterwards we bought noodles from a street vendor:


Well this time the noodles were not so delicious, they tasted a bit like street and the crunch while eating reminded a little of sand.

The car-taxidrivers refused to take us the short way (45 minutes walk…) to our place. But the tricycle-taxidriver welcomed us in his decent taxi. The ride was bumpy, shaky and filled with agony ;)… well, I exaggerate a little. It was fun.


Our last week

So much has happened in the last week! Everything started with meeting my parents in Shanghai. Our first mission was the „Shanghai-must“: The oriental Pearl tower. Here is a picture of me and my mum, standing on the glass platform in 260m height:


It needed a little convincing to get her there  😉

We also visited another must, the YuYuan Garden:


Afterwards we went back to Wuhan. It was one day before I left for Shanghai, that our Container arrived, so there was still very much to do in our apartment:


But with the great help of my great parents, we got through with the work pretty quick. Thanks again for that!

I showed my parents one of my favourite noodle places. It might not fulfill german requirements for hygiene, but I havent had any problems so far and it is sure delicious.


We also went to another famous place in Wuhan, called „Hubu Road“. Here you can enjoy many different small local specialities, we tried many of them and had a lot fun doing it!


On Saturday we welcomed many friends to join our housewarming party. There were still some boxes standing around, but a housewarming should be done when its still fresh right? We had good food, good drinks and a lot of fun. Thank you all for coming and the great gifts you have brought!


To get rid of the calories, we went to Mulan-Tianchi (yes, the Mulan from the movie „Mulan“). That is a mountainous region close to Wuhan, great for hiking and enjoying nature without the stress of the city. By climbing many stairs, it is a good place for loosing some pounds:


The next day took us to the east lake in Wuhan. Here you have the possibility to go out on the lake in a boat. That was perfect after the strenuous climb the other day. And the lake is amazingly beautiful!


After that we went right to the place, where for sure every Wuhan-Tourist goes: The golden Crane Tower:


And that was the week… My parents have left this morning again back to Germany. Sad when the rooms here, once so full, are empty again. But we’ll keep the memories to this great time we had and look forward for the other great times to come!