Chinese lunch roulette part 2 and life in China

It is now a week that I am in China and therefore I think its time to write a little about my experiences and impressions now.

So far I feel quite well here and I havent had any bad experiences yet. The people here treat me with interest and hospitality. A good example is my lunch that I had the day before yesterday:

I chose a restaurant that I havent tried before. After my choice of „meat“ (they offered me different kinds and/or parts of meat and I didnt know what is what and therefore I just said ‚yes’…) I got a boiled egg first. Didnt know how to eat it, so I waited for the main dish. The main dish consisted of a soup and something like ribs with potatoes, vegetables and rice. The waitor explained me a lot about the food and seemed to be very interested in me being satisfied. I chatted with him, delighted I can practise my chinese. After a while I looked at the other employees, sitting at the next tables eating some rivercrabs.  The waiter asked my if I have tried them before and before I could refuse I also had two crabs on my plate. After my soup was empty, I had a new one (dont finish your dish here in China if you dont want more!). And then I was invited to smoking cigarettes (thankful refusal). In the end I did not have to pay extra for the additional dishes and pleased the people by promising to return.

Here in Wuhan there are not so many foreigners, especially not tall, blond and blueeyed ones. Therefore I attract attention. Since I am not feeling threatened by anyone (yet), that is not so hard to bear. I am looking forward for more experiences to come!

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