Guilin – Yangshuo two of the most famous destinations in China for foreigners

Last wednesday we started off or a 4-days trip to the Guangxi Province of China. The most famous destinations there are Guilin and Yangshuo.  According to the lonely Planet guide, Yangshuo is one of the most famous places for foreign tourists in China.

We started our first evening in Guilin with a nice dinner. The fish in China is always fresh, you choose it when it is still alive. The way to kill the fish needs a little get used to for people who are very peculiar about hygiene:

Guilin is indeed a nice city and central lakes remind me a little of the Alster in Hamburg, even though they are a little smaller.

Here an example of a funny translation of Chinese to english:

The next day we took of to Yangshuo. It lies next to the Li river and has a lot of water in and around:

Here the Li river with the boats that can be hired:

At night time the surrounding hills are beautifully illuminated.

I think one of the best ways to explore the landscape is by bicycle. We took a tandem and sharing the exertion makes the ride even nicer.

Along the way there are lime trees. We would have loved to take some leaves along for cooking.. unfortunately they would not have reached our home freshly…

In the middle of our trip we climbed the ‚moon hill‘. It is called like that because it has a hole in it which is shaped like a lying moon. Due to temperatures above the 30’s and high humidity that was a sweaty task, but we made it in incredible speed.

There is the ‚moon‘:
Since the weekend began, the enormous tourist-crowd in Yangshuo grew to a roaring mass:

The next day we visited the famous ’20-Renminbi (Chinese currency)‘-view. On the bill this place is calm and relaxed with only one fisherman on the river.. (check out the bill on the pic:)

In reality it is packed with rafts and tourists.

With so many boats and tourists, accidents can happen:

Back in Yangshuo:

The next day we visited a village called Huangluo.

In the old days the villagers lived off farming, nowadays they seem to make better money out of tourism, as everybody seems to be busy to sell handicrafts.

This village is famous for their women and their long hair. They cut their hair only once (!) in their lifetime when they become 18 and afterwards they still use the ‚old hair‘ as  extensions.

Check out these ‚Rapunzels‘:

In the end we visited the famous Longji Terraces, which are rice fields high up in the mountains.

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