4 Gedanken zu „Karaoke as part of Chinese culture

  1. fung

    wah, your colleagues gender equality is 9:1 =)

    I recently went to Thai Oasis Hamburg for the karaoke there. Gosh, you have to sing at the front of the public! (and also listening the the public people singing, because no private rooms…)

  2. Ervil Beitragsautor

    Indeed! back in HH I was the only female in our dept. Here as well, I dive into masculine world. Oh, never heard about Thai Oasis til yet. It sounds fun thou. It’s a good place to buzz our confidence 🙂

  3. Ervil Beitragsautor

    hahaha. That’s gonna be a tough one. Succeed today in the canteen by not having „all food mixed in one bowl“. Welldone Ervil 😛

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