Manila-Butuan-Surigao-Siargao-Cebu-Clark-Manila in 7 days!

One of our adventurous trip began from Guangzhou.  We had a smooth departure and transfer without any delays. Then here it goes, the adventure begins when approaching the Philippine. This is the true story and everything happens in 7 days!! What a trip! Shortly before landing in Manila, there was a heavy rains. We could not land ontime, instead we were flying around the island for about 30 minutes before we could land in Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila. We saw lightening and heard thunder from inside the plane. That was pretty scary. Hallelujah!!! 🙂 We are able to land safe and sound!! On the next morning, we started our day with a cozy ‚breakfast in bed‘.

Then we made a totally stupid mistake. We realized during the check out that our early flight is supposed to be half-hour earlier than we originally thought! We have only 40 minutes to catch our next flights to Siargao. Guess what, it took us 50 minutes to go to the airport. As a clear result we missed our next flights! Although after went through all the negotiations and pleadings at the check-in gate. We were still not allowed to enter the plane by the airline officers. Except if we are willing to pay for 25.000 USD to re-open the sealed plane’s door. Well, we didnt have any other choices except to purchase new tickets! The problem is there’re only direct flights 2 times in a week. It means we have to search other alternatives to get to Siargao Island via other cities on the same day. Here we are landing at Butuan, south of Manila. A very small airport, well let’s describe the arrival hall’s size round about 50m2 and equipped with only 1 conveyor belt for lugages!

20 minutes after landing, we continued our trip through land with a fully packed minivan to the next destination before taking another 2.5 hours ferry boat to the Island. Well forget about the cozy trip. It was a pretty bumpy country road and feels like in a car sauna with ‚limited‘ air-cond in the car, while outside was above 30C.

After 3 hours land ride, we arrived at Surigao. Unfortunately the next ferry to the island is on the next day. Thus we spent 1 night at Surigao. A small city with thousands of tricycles as major and most convenient public transportation.

sunset at marbles beach, Surigao. A gorgeus sky!!Next early morning at 5AM we need to buy a boat ticket for the earliest departure at 6AM! They only sell ticket on that day. No early purchase is allowed! It was a heavy rain, we need an umbrella inside the boat 🙂

Finally arriving at our destination on the 3rd day, the Siargao Island!! Island of coconuts & white sand beaches. Again welcome by the heavy rains 🙂

amazing view of ‚Cloud 9‘

and Alex! He wakes up every morning at 6AM (while I was still sleeping) and went out there to satisfy his hungry soul for waves… …  craving for waves… …

beautiful, comfort and exotic hut to stay in

extraordinary and super yummie food, fresh from the sea!

Island hoping, swimming & snorkeling for a fun day trip

The underwater world

swing swing the hammock…

a stop at the ’naked island‘

A dolphin’s burial

a visit to the local traditional market

After spending 3 nights at Siargao, we continued our trip to Cebu and stayed 0.5 day due to flight transfer. We went out and did a half-day city tour

After doing the short trip we returned to the Cebu airport to catch our next flight, however we received an announcement that our flight to Manila has been cancelled due to technical problems of night landing beam system at Ninoy Aquino. Luckily, due to our International return flight to China. The airlines has made us as priority passengers and they succeded to move us into earlier flight so that we are able to return to Manila on the same day. Again, welcome by the heavy rains, lightning and thunder. We could not land in Manila. Our plane has to land in the nearest airport which is Clark. After a 3 hours waiting time, we were informed that the weather in Manila was cleared and it was safe to fly. Also be assured by the pilot although the landing beam system was broken. He promised to fly us safe and sound! so again Hallelujah!! 🙂 we arrived safely and no damages. Returning to mainland China on the next morning and yes! this time no missing flight 🙂

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