Our chinese names

Ervil and I have a chinese names now!

Mine is:
林 Lin (surname)
英 Ying
俊 Jun

Lin is a surname without any deeper meaning. Yingjun means attractive, goodlooking, gifted.
I havent chosen that name by myself. Ervils father gave it to me. Thank you very much for that Papa Ervil!

Ervils name is:
李 Li (Surname)
珍 Zhen
嫒 Ai

Li is again a Surname without deeper meaning.  About the meaning of Zhenai I am not absolutly sure. I think it means precious love. Please anybody correct me if I am wrong.

3 Gedanken zu „Our chinese names

  1. fungfung

    英俊 is definitely a beautiful name as its meaning. =) the „lin“ means woods. I would suggest 雷 (lei2)which means thunder and has a closer pronunciation to Reul. The surname that has the closest pronunciation to Reul is 芮(rui3). It means small, therefore sounds so timid, not recommendable 😛

    After consulting Ervil, I believe her zhen is 真 (true) and ai is 爱 (love).

  2. Ervil

    Sorry! after consulting with my Pa. He meant zhen (pearl) and ai (love) with female character (女) written in front of ai (爱) means father daughter.

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