Our trip during Chinese spring festival

Day 1: Arriving in Kunming. Take an evening walk at Green lake park & tasting the local speciality „Guoqiao Mixian“ across-the-bridge noodles.2010_m02_Yunnan_k01


Day 2: Arriving in Diqing airport, Shangri-La with approx. 100T population, altitude of 3,200m2010_m02_Yunnan_01

Visiting Sumtseling monastery built by instructions of the 5th Dalai Lama in the 17th century. Inspired by Potala palace and perched on a hill is one of the largest Tibetan monasteries in eastern Tibet.





The Tibetan prayer flags, each colour represents different element i.e. fire, water, sky, clouds and earth.2010_m02_Yunnan_03

The white stupa which can be found in almost every corner of the town/ villages/ mountains which shows how the religious people are.2010_m02_Yunnan_province_02

Driving to Dozong hotspring to have a hot bath & sauna, after having a strong sun intensity in the altitude of 3,200m2010_m02_Yunnan_province_01


Day 3: Driving out of town to Napha lake & marshland. The lake is however dried out in the winter time.2010_m02_Yunnan_08

then drive up to Nishar village which is rich in folklore & arts especially for clay and wooden arts.2010_m02_Yunnan_09

descend through wild landscape, drive along the Yangtze gorge in Yunnan province2010_m02_Yunnan_10

On the platform where I stand is the Yunnan province & the other side of the river is the Sichuan province.


Gradually approaching the Dhonpuling monastery2010_m02_Yunnan_12


visting the humble nunnery before returning to Gyalthang [Tibetan language for Shangri-La the town]. There are beautiful rice fields in the surrounding.2010_m02_Yunnan_13


I love this picture! Definitely one of my favourite taken picture during the trip.2010_m02_Yunnan_14

Day 4: A 5-hour trek that begins near Shidag mountain in the east direction of Gyalthang.2010_m02_Yunnan_15

Our first met with YAKs! 2010_m02_Yunnan_16


Met a friendly local Tsalang villager during the hike.2010_m02_Yunnan_17

Arriving in Kochi village for our homestay with a Tibetan family. Served with smile and self-made bread, Yak butter tea & Yak cheese.2010_m02_Yunnan_18

Day 5: A group picture with the host family before departing for the hike [another 5 hour trek to the surrounding mountains where the Kochi’s nomads graze their yaks].2010_m02_Yunnan_19


The way the villagers dried their wheat etc for different purposes.




Arriving  in Gyalthang’s traditional market and picture how the locals are busy in welcoming the Chinese New „Tiger“ Year 2010. It is amazing that the locals are still wearing traditional clothes & accesories in their daily life. This is showing their efforts in respecting & maintaining their worth culture.


Succeeded in turning the giant & heavy Tibetan praywheel only by 2 of us! It has to be turned for at least 3 times for respecting the 3 Buddhas.2010_m02_Yunnan_25


Day 6: Driving down the hills to Lijiang. A town with 1 mio population. Take a walk in the huge & pretty old town.




Doing the tea ceremony in the old town. Started at 11pm – 00:30am. Drinking 6 different type of tea incl. 3 years Puer-cha, 7 years Puer-cha and learning how to brew different type of tea. 2010_m02_Yunnan_28

Day 7: Driving back to Gyalthang from Lijiang2010_m02_Yunnan_30

Gyalthang at night2010_m02_Yunnan_32

Sitting by the fire to warm us up in the minus Celcius degree2010_m02_Yunnan_33

Day 8: Way up to Shika snow mountain 3,800m. Take a short hike in the Deer garden & picture live the nomad Tibetan villages & houses2010_m02_Yunnan_34


Not forgetting to turn the Tibetan pray wheels on the way down2010_m02_Yunnan_36

Riding horses in Shika’s valley/ meadow2010_m02_Yunnan_37


A beautiful & strong 8 years old horse2010_m02_Yunnan_38

Arriving in Gyalthang’s old town. 2010_m02_Yunnan_40

Invited by the hostel’s owner to join Nian fan „big dinner“ welcoming Chinese new year. Had „Yak hot pot“ with the newly known friends2010_m02_Yunnan_41

„Fireworking“ after dinner to welcome the new year 🙂2010_m02_Yunnan_42

Newly known friends in Gyalthang a night before Chinese new year2010_m02_Yunnan_43

Day 9: Fly out Shangri-La and returning to foggy Zero Celcius Wuhan with a stop over in Kunming.

4 Gedanken zu „Our trip during Chinese spring festival

  1. Janni

    Soooo cool 🙂

    Man da bin ich total neidisch, tolle Bilder ! Besonders das eine mit Alex von Hinten – super cool !

    Wie war die Yak-Milch ?

  2. Ervil Beitragsautor

    Ja, finden wir auch!! Ich mag das Bild auch super gerne. Hab sogar ueberlegt das gross auszudrucken. Die Milch selber haben wir nicht getrunken. Wir haben aber Yak butter tee getrunken. Ich kann aber nicht viel trinken. Er ist ziemlich maechtig. Wir haben ihn in 2 Geschmacksrichtungen probiert [suess & salzig]. Den Yak Kaese isst man mit zucker und er schmeckt ein bisschen wie Quark. Das Brot schmeckt so wie Fladenbrot.

  3. Ervil Beitragsautor

    Yes, it is.
    I took the picture during our drive between Deqing & Shangri-La
    Great job huh…

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