The Chinese Venice ‚Wuzhen‘

One of the most popular day trips around Shanghai are probably to Wuzhen. Wuzhen is also famous as the Chinese little venice. As in many places in China, the old town is full of tourists and you’ll need to have ticket to enter the old town. There are museums, small stores, and restaurants spread inside the oldtown. The stores sell more or less the same things. Mostly handmade accesories (handicrafts).

Local home made Chinese liquor ‚Baijiu‘

Local Textile hand printing & colouring with natural colourance

and of course the Chinese opera!

Shanghai Expo 2010

The Expo is having at least 350.000 visitors every day! No matter wet or dry. What an expo, unbelivable crowd and everything is in extra large!! Here are some of the impressions! This was the queue looks like from my visit in May at 8:30 in the morning at one of the entrance gate.

queue behind me

queue on my right hand side

queue on my left hand side

the colourful queue in front of the Switzerland pavillion in the rains

the ‚Energi Kugel‘ inside the Germany pavillion

The Hamburg house

Indonesia pavillion

The 3 Gorges Dam

The world’s largest due to the length (2.3km), height (101m) isnt the most spectacular but it’s worth to peek. Arriving in Yichang, Hubei province before heading to the 3 Gorges Dam. Yichang is about 3.5 to 4 hours drive from Wuhan.

The front view from the North

Backview of the dam

Frontview from the south

The cranes which were used during the construction work

On the next day, we took a short 3 Gorges trip through the Yangtze river

Arrving at Sanxia Renjia, half-to-one-day hike through the gorges

Colours among the green… …  simply dropdead gorgeous

Those ships are basically out of used, they are there only for entertainment sake ‚touristwise‘ nowadays… …

‚Gorgehoping‘ to the other Gorge via ferry boat

Arriving at the other valley and hike up to the peak

XiAn, Shaanxi province

XiAn was pretty warm and dry in April. Shaanxi yellow earth mixed with air due to dry climate in April. Still it is described as the best time to visit, as Shaanxi is ussually either extremely hot or bitterly cold. Well, just like Wuhan so to say. XiAn has potential value of history and XiAn was China’s political capital. We spent 2-3 days there to see the most spectacular and essential sights. One of the top list around the city east of XiAn is the Terracotta Warriors.

The man who discovered the Terracota warriors in 1974.

A short visit to Huaqing hotspring on the way to the Terracota warriors. This park was once the favoured retreat of emperors anc concubines during the Tang dinasty. The most famous bather of all was Yang Guifei, a concubine often blamed for bringing the rebellion in 756.

Outside the city wall, XiAn famous landmark is the Big Goose Pagoda (Dayan ta). This pagoda dominates the surrounding modern buildings, restaurant and malls.

XiAn is one of the few cities in China where the old city walls are still standing. Built during the Ming dinasty.

Inside the city walls, the Bell Tower originally held a large bell that was rung at dawn and the Drum Tower marked nightfall. Both date from the 14th century and rebuilt in 1700s.

Heading to Muslim Quarter north from Drum Tower. The narrow lanes are full of shops & restaurants behind wooden doors.

Eating at Muslim Quarter is a great deal. Many common dishes in XiAn are offered here. The famous of all is the Yangrou paomo, a soup dish with crumbling flat loaf bread and adding noodles, mutton and broth.

In the north & west of XiAn is the Tomb of emperor Jingdi. On the way to the airport, we stopped here. The tomb itself is still being excavated, that’s the reason to make the trip out there!

Weekend trip to Hongkong

Arriving in Shenzen and taking bus to Lowu for ‚Border crossing‘

Had afternoon walk at Victoria Harbour that quiet windy that day, also reminded of my visit 10 years ago

kinda impressed of the environment/ health protection activities. Seen this sign quiet often in some corners in the city…

taking star ferry from Kowloon Island to Hongkong Island

on the way searching a 3D cinema that shows in OV which is hard to find in Wuhan

arriving at Paterson st. where our hostel is located

Free visit to a Zoo

what a long queue to drive up to the ‚Peak‘

watch out the boy scouts in HK

Alex met his good friend at Western Market, cute isn’t he?

The MongKok  electronic center, where thousands of Hongkongnese spread around here to buy their electronic wares

not forgetting to visit one of those flea market

On the way back to Mainland China through Macau and Zhuhai

A wuhanese Delicacy

A famous Delicacy here in Wuhan are chicken feet.  A friend of ours gave us some a few days ago. I ate them for lunch now.

I have to admit it is a little gross to eat them. They are actually just bones, cartilage and skin. However, after getting used to it, the taste is not too bad at all.

Wuhan weather report

When we came back from our holiday trip, which is now 1,5 weeks ago, temperatures where quite cold in Wuhan, around 0°C.  It stayed like that for few days. Now the temperature has risen up to 23° the day before yesterday. Yesterday we accounted a thunderstorm as a result from this quick change in temperatures. I took the following picture shortly before the thunder and rain started.