Weekend trip to Hongkong

Arriving in Shenzen and taking bus to Lowu for ‚Border crossing‘

Had afternoon walk at Victoria Harbour that quiet windy that day, also reminded of my visit 10 years ago

kinda impressed of the environment/ health protection activities. Seen this sign quiet often in some corners in the city…

taking star ferry from Kowloon Island to Hongkong Island

on the way searching a 3D cinema that shows in OV which is hard to find in Wuhan

arriving at Paterson st. where our hostel is located

Free visit to a Zoo

what a long queue to drive up to the ‚Peak‘

watch out the boy scouts in HK

Alex met his good friend at Western Market, cute isn’t he?

The MongKok  electronic center, where thousands of Hongkongnese spread around here to buy their electronic wares

not forgetting to visit one of those flea market

On the way back to Mainland China through Macau and Zhuhai

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